About Masel

Founded by Luca Maselli in 2015, Masel began as a contemporary take on an Italian epitome. With roots stemming from Italy’s sartorial and silk traditions and innate elegance, Masel ties were created to be completely customizable, from the client’s choice cut of fabric to the monograms and personal inscription. Thus, a Masel tie is more than a tie; it is a lasting momentum.


With the exceptional quality of the Italian silk found around Lake Como, to the traditions of the extraordinary craftsmen, a Masel piece is an everlasting and meaningful addition to the chic man’s wardrobe.

Determined to propel Italy’s exceptional craftsmanship traditions into the future, Masel interweaves the country’s history and tradition with that of international taste and creativity.  

Masel is a ‘Made In Italy’ company in the truest sense of the expression. The company seeks out ‘next generation’ artisans with great, undiscovered talent, encouraging emerging craftsmen to carry on Italy’s reputation as a country of excellence in design and fashion.